The people and policies of urban agriculture

12 Jun

My name is Elliot Altbaum and I am studying geography and food systems at Clark University in Worcester, MA. I was born and raised in Minneapolis and spend my summers diving into the growing food movement here in Minneapolis. This summer I will be writing about my work at different urban farms in Minneapolis. These will provide the jumping off point for discussions on policies currently being considered by the City Council. Minneapolis is in the midst of addressing many of the barriers to urban farming. New thinking on high tunnel hoop houses, market days, water access, animals, and land access are all needed. This blog will tackle some of these policies as they wind their way through neighborhood councils and city council. But policy is less fun without seeing the faces, so I will also be interviewing farmers about their farms, their challenges and their accomplishments. Follow along as I try to answer the question: Can Minneapolis feed itself?

IMAG0022 Radishes from California Street Farm in Northeast

IMAG0024 The close-to-completion high tunnel greenhouse at Growing Lots farm in Seward.

IMAG0029 Apple trees along the Midtown Greenway next to Kix field.


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