Palmisano should budget by our values

15 Dec

We all love living in Southwest Minneapolis. We love the strong sense of community that means three conversations while waiting for the concert to start at the band shell. We also love the high quality schools that produces top notch students and top notch theater.

We also love living in a progressive city that lives its values. It is why we elected Betsy on a platform of One Minneapolis. Which leads us to the city budget.

Councilwoman Palmisano has been put in what looks like a bind. She ran on a platform of stabilizing property taxes. Middle class and fixed income residents of her (our) district are asking her to help them stay in their homes and age in place by keeping property taxes in check; they have gone up because of million dollar homes and increases in the property tax levy. On the other hand she was elected in a wave of elections by city residents demanding serious action and investment towards ending the racial and economic injustices that hold back our city and all of its residents.

How does she best respond?

Councilwoman Palmisano should guide her decision on what we love about our neighborhood. She should channel our neighborliness and desire to stay here forever to advocate for a reallocation of senior housing investments towards Ward 13 so more seniors have the dignity to age in the city they love. She should channel our pride in our schools and teachers to advocate for affordable family housing investments in Ward 13 so more families have the opportunity of great education. This is one way to prioritize equity and meet her constituent needs.

The budget is our values in actions. Let us make them real.

Elliot Altbaum


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