To have our carrots and eat them too

23 Nov

Those of us fortunate enough to live in Linden Hills live here because we love the small town feel of the neighborhood. We love having Wild Rumpus for the kids to find a book, we love having the Co-op close enough to walk and shop, and we love having Zumbro’s to take our families to on Mother’s Day.

It’s also clear many people are partial to a glass of wine on the benches at Tilia’s. The synergies from the density of businesses help each business grow. (If you give a kid a toy from Creative Kidstuff you might have to buy her a scoop of ice cream from Sebastian Joe’s.)

 The cluster of businesses exists, too, because of the synergies from the density of people. There are 2,217 single family homes in Linden Hills with an additional 1,061 multifamily units. These apartments, condos, and townhomes surround each of the business nodes providing additional neighbors and customers. Their density helps make the commercial nodes possible. We elected Betsy Hodges who called on Minneapolis to increase our population by 20 percent. We need increased density to improve the financial health of the city, to support efficient public transportation, and to grow our local food system.

If someone chooses to live on the fringe of the metro instead of Linden Hills, they are building on what was previously farmland. We love the local food at our farmers market, but those farmers will be pushed further afield without increased density in the city. Let’s support 20 percent more neighbors so we can have our carrots and eat them, too.


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